My Wish List

My Thirty-One business supplies for the new spring catalog are due to arrive this week. I am so excited to actually see the new patterns i person. I have a wish list for what I would like to get out of the new catalog. One thing I need is a new Thermal Tote. I love the new Woodblock Floral and Grey pin dot combination. 

But part of me wants something with a little more color. I like the new Punch Bowl pattern. But I can't decide between the two. 

I know one pattern that is my absolute favorite and that is the new Island Damask pattern. I need a new Organizing Utility Tote and I am definitely getting it in this pattern. 

Of all my purses, the Casual Cargo purse is my absolute favorite. Since it comes in the new Woodblock Floral pattern, I am adding it to my wish list. 

Of course, I 'll need a new mini zipper to match it. 

And I am in love with the little whale coin purse. 

I really like the multitude of pockets and slots in the Timeless Wallet and the new grey brushed twill pattern would go good with the purse I want. 

 They have introduced a new smaller tote called the Keep-It Caddy and I am really liking the size of it. And of course since it is in my favorite Island Damask pattern, I wouldn't mind having one of these.  

I need one of the Zipper Pouches to match it. 

One thing I love about Thirty-One is how they are always doing incentives for us to earn free products. We have an incentive going on right now that if I reach the goal, I will receive one of the new Inside Out Bag for free. It is the new Black Floral Brushstrokes and is reversible to the Pink Cross Pop pattern. It's like getting two new purses in one.

And check out the adorable little pig coin purse. How cute is that?

And this is going on my MUST HAVE list. It is the new Coupon Clutch with 5 interior pockets for sorting your coupons. 

They have changed the Cosmetic Bag completely. It is now a set with a large and small size. The large bag snaps open and closed so it actually will set level. It's pretty cool.

I think one of my new favorites has to be the Easy Breezy Tote. I want this for my new beach bag. Stick in a towel, a book, a bottle of water and my tanning lotion and I'm ready for the beach. 

If you get a chance, check out the new catalog on my website

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Camille said...

Love that whale coin purse! And the piggy too, so cute! By the way, your blog layout is really pretty :)