Over the hump day

Seriously? More rain? I am so over this that I can't imagine how Mrs. Noah must have felt cooped up for 40 days and 40 nights. We've only had it about 2 1/2 days and I even ran out yesterday and I'm still feeling cooped up. We have floods surrounding us everywhere. This is our local city park.

One of the many roads in the county that are under water. 

This is actually a bridge over a little creek. Not so little right now. 

And this is the river that runs right along Hwy 66 from Kodak to Sevierville. I heard they were closing one lane on the main road due to weakening on the side. 

And my daughters neighbor lost a couple of her big trees yesterday. 

And a local day care in Kodak has lost it's playground till the waters recede.

And many of you who travel here on vacation are familiar with the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge. Here it is on a normal day.

And this is what it was like the first day of the rains. I can't imagine how bad it will get today. 

The whole county is getting worried. Even the animals are starting to sweat it. 

I will be so happy to see sunshine again. I forgot what it looks like.

But it looks like it may still be awhile. They are calling for rain mixed with snow tomorrow. 

I am holding out hopes for Saturday when the temps are to climb near 58 and sunshine. One can always dream. 


everythingsewing said...

That is a lot of water!! We have not had rain but fog, so I know what you mean when you say you want to see the sun.

The picture with the cats, is so cute!!


Leslie said...

Paul and I keep saying that we cant wait to take our new boat out ~ guess we should be careful of what we wish for! : ) I am so sick of grey days. Yuck.