Some questions, some soup and some donuts

I have a question for all my blogging buddies. How do you respond to comments? I get a lot of comments that might leave a question or may make a statement that I would like to comment back on. But I don't know the proper protocol. Do you you email anyone who leaves a comment and provide them with their answer or make your additional comment. Or do you just comment on your blog so everyone can see the answer and read your comment? Somebody please tell me the proper way to respond since I love comments and want to be able to answer all questions properly.

Yesterday was cold and rainy all day. I thought it would be a good day to make some soup. So I did. It turned out really good. It is Cabbage Vegetable soup. It hit the spot last night.

It is a very easy and inexpensive recipe. It can feed a large family or is perfect for freezing. Here is the recipe. 
After I finished the soup, I was in the mood for some cinnamon donuts. I must tell you that it is not as easy as you think. There are so many different steps and I remember why I don't like to make anything that involves rolling out dough. I'm just not that "neat" at it. But it was fun and they are delicious. Here is a link to the recipe I used with two exceptions. I made cinnamon sugar, not chocolate glazed. And the recipe says to deep fry 5 minutes per side. I started that way and they just about burned. I think my donuts were smaller than they called for. Just watch them till they are golden brown and then flip them over.

I gathered all my ingredients together. (I was in Pyrex heaven getting to use some of my Pyrex like the little grecian bowl with butter and the flamingo pink ramekin.)

I sifted my flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda and cinnamon into my primary yellow Pyrex bowl. 

I beat the eggs until they were foamy. 

I added the sugar to the eggs like instructed. 

I beat those until it was thick and yellow. 

Then I melted the butter and added the milk and vanilla to that.

I poured that into the egg and sugar mixture until it was well blended. I would be lost without my Kitchen Aid mixer. I love that thing. 

Then I poured the liquid into the dry ingredients. 

I stirred until everything was well incorporated as per the recipe. 

I didn't take a picture of the dough chilling or me rolling it out and cutting them out because your hands do tend to get a little messy in the process and I wasn't about to touch my camera with those hands. The end product was not as gorgeous as I had hoped they would be, and I think I deep fried just a little too dark, but I rolled them in cinnamon sugar and had some with a cup of milk in my Hazel Atlas cup. They were really good. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

Are you in any way related to Martha Stewart?!?!? ;-) Thanks so much for the fudge recipes. As for the comments, I usually e-mail the person back when I get their comment to "publish" in my Inbox! Happy January 2nd!!

ThrifterSisters said...

Yum! I must try those donuts. As for comments, I reply in the comments section just in case a questions is being asked that may be of interest to others that are commenting.

Happy New Year!


Tracy said...

I usually read my blog comments through my emailed versions so I respond that way if they need a response. I find it hard to remember which blogs I leave comments on so if I was waiting for a response that would be difficult for me to just go to the site to read the response.

Rachel said...

Donuts look delicious! I used my yellow primary Pyrex bowl yesterday too. Robby and the kids came over for dinner last night and I put mash potatoes in it. Have a blessed day!

Patrice said...

If a blog comes through email, I will answer (if answer needed, if they have an email address in the email header. If it says "no reply blogger", I will visit their blog unless it is something sensitive that they may not want answered on their blog. If that's the case, I leave an email on their comments and ask them to contact me.

Why'd you post these picture? Now I WANT DONUTS!!! My sweet tooth woke up over the holidays.

everythingsewing said...

The donuts look so good. I am loving seeing your pyrex bowls, what wonderful memories they bring to mind.

I also wonder where I should reply to comments. I like getting therm in my email, kind of like hearing from a friend, but then if a question is asked maybe others want to know the answer.

Kim said...

I love the old fashioned kind of fudge. I love how it gets that sheen on the top when it hardens. And homemade donuts are the best!
I think we all struggle with the best way to handle blog comments/questions. I don't respond to each individual comment. It I can reply by email, thats what I do. If its a no reply blogger and they ask a specific question I try to post on thier blog.

freecycle53215 said...

I have the same pattern on my mug. I did not know it was made by Hazel Atlas. Mystery solved! Does yours have the "HA" marking on the bottom. Mine has "B-29" which isn't helpful since an airplane uses that.

freecycle53215 said...

I have that same pattern on my mug, but my mug has slight differences. I didn't know it was Hazel Atlas. Does yours have the "HA" marking on the bottom? Mine only has "B-29" and because an airplane uses that letter and number, searching has been fruitless. Mystery solved!