Vintage things of interest

I was looking for a particular item in the vintage section of Craig's List. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find some interesting items. The first thing that caught my eye was, of course, Pyrex. This is that casserole shape that I have fallen in love with. I do like the Verdi pattern. Some call it Verde some Verdi. I'm not sure which is right but I do love the bowl, also known as square flowers. 

I used to have a set of these when my twins were little. I don't know whatever happened to them but I wish I still had them. 

This adorable piece looks like depression glass, but I don't think it is because it was less than $10.

Another cute Pyrex bowl. This was just $8 but too far away to drive and get and not wanted bad enough to pay shipping. But it is cute. 

Check out this old radio. I bet a lot of family gatherings took place around it. 

Now you might wonder was a chalk line would interest me. When I was a little girl, I was Daddy's sidekick. He loved to build and make things plus he did a lot of adding on to our house. One of the first jobs I was allowed to do help him was to hold one end of the chalk line and pull it up to flip it so he would have that nice blue line to guide his saw. It was an awesome job and I always will remember working with Daddy every time I see one of these old things.

Isn't she adorable? We have all seen the ladies head planters, but I have never seen an entire girl figurine that was a planter in the back. Too cute. 

Another walk down memory lane. Who remembers these. TV, record player and radio all in one. As they evolved, some even had 8 track players in them. The ad said the picture tube didn't work, but he was willing to deal just to get rid of the piece. I wish I had a place for it just so I could have it for the record player part. I have so may old LP's that I need to get something to listen to them on. 

I fell in love with this little guy. I am looking for some cute lambs to incorporate into my Easter displays around the house this year. I am wanting them to be vintage or vintage looking. But as much as I like him, there is no way I would pay $10.00 for him. 


Leslie said...

ok so I realllly need to check out craigslist!! I remember my parents had one of those sterio/tv units.
Have a great weekend.

Debbie Huffaker said...

I have some bowls in the green square flower pattern....from my Mamaw, of course. And, Daddy had that same chalk line....Mom probably still has it!!!