Walking through the waters of faith...

This past week, we experienced several days of hard rain and there was a lot of flooding in our mountains and the surrounding cities. One day, I made the comment that I don't know how Mrs. Noah stood it for 40 days and 40 nights. 

It got me to thinking. The bible talks a lot about Noah. How he listened to God. He heeded the call. He built the ark and gathered his family and the animals to board the ark. He had very specific instructions. He was given the exact dimensions and told all that would listen about the dire days ahead if they did not board the ark as per God's plan. 

It never mentions Mrs. Noah's thoughts on the matter. Do you think she stood at the window watching the building going on? I can just imagine a modern day Mrs. Noah brewing a pot of tea and setting around the kitchen table with her friends bemoaning the fact that her husband was building an ark. What were her thoughts? Did she think he was crazy? Did she turn to her friends and say "I don't know what I am going to do with that man!" Did she stress about feeding everyone for the duration? Did she worry what the neighbors thought? Was she busy packing her favorite dishes and washing up all the clothing as she got ready for the great flood? Did she stand in the door of her home and take one last long look and then turn with a deep sigh to journey on a to new phase in her life. Or did she simply get on the ark because Noah said it is time to go. 

One thing for sure, no matter what is said or not said about Mrs. Noah, we know she showed great faith in God to handle whatever was coming. In her faith, she knew that her family would be protected or she never would have allowed her sons to go on board. We know she had faith that God would take care of everything or she would have tried to talk her husband out of it.

If she had balked in any way or had caused Noah any grief over going, I am sure the bible would have recorded it and her wariness would have been shown to us as a lesson on how God meant it for good. So by the mere fact that she is not mentioned, we can only assume that she was one of the great Women of Faith who stepped out on that ledge simply because God said to.

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tammy doane said...

I have been bomb barded with heavy rain and then snow. I have never thought of Mrs. Noah-thanks for this great post.