Yay for Friday!

I am so glad it is Friday. Last week, I only worked on Thursday. This week I only worked on Wednesday and Thursday. Next week it is back to a 5 day week so I'm going to take today off for my last 3 day weekend for awhile.

My husband is constantly providing me with blogging material by saying "You should blog about that." I do crazy things sometimes that just crack me up at how silly I can sometimes be...and I end up sharing it on my blog, exposing my silliness to the whole world. So when I saw this shirt, I knew I was just going to have to order me one. 

As you know, I normally like to buy my Pyrex at yard sales and thrift stores. I will buy a piece now and then at antique stores, but never pay more than $10 for one individual piece. But I paid $14 for my green primary bowl to complete my set last week. Fourteen dollars. 1 .. 4 ... dollars. That is SO NOT ME! But you know what? I survived it. I didn't faint. I didn't have a heart attack over it. The world didn't come to an end. I was still able to put food on the table and nobody suffered because I paid $4 more than I normally would for a Pyrex bowl. So I guess the old saying "What's it worth to you?" is very appropriate when you find something you really, really, really want. 

The new Thirty-One catalog is released today. Check out all the awesome new products and patterns by visiting my site at www.MyThirtyOne.com/brendakeefer. For those of you who would love to add an extra income to your family, work from home, and set your own hours, email me if you want information how to become a Thirty-One consultant. My one year anniversary is next month and I have been so blessed with this company.

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Well, we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's behind us. I'm starting to see lots of Valentine's items in the stores. Knowing me, I'll be changing my blog template again soon. I've scouring Pinterest for some craft ideas for the day of love. I really like this wreath and it should be easy to make.

Valentines Wreath... I think I will make this work with old cards instead, AND try a Christmas one with all the cards I've never thrown away!!!

This one is cute and simple as well.

heart wreath | paper | do it, yourself / diy # Valentine's day

Of course, if I was a patient, talented crafter I would try my hand at this one.

An oval deco mesh wreath for Valentine's Day! This oval wreath was made using a round wreath form.

These are cute decorations as well. 

Darling ornaments! #valentines #heart #craft #ornament #holiday #create #felt #fabric #sew

Hubby and I are heading out for Date Day. I love spending Friday's with him. I'm going to dress up in my coral sweater and brown corduroys and wear my new "Born to Rule" charm bracelet today. I absolutely love it and the little flower matches my favorite sweater perfectly. I'll actually feel stylish for a change. 

Have a great day!


Kim said...

I so want that t shirt! Awesome

retired not tired said...

Love the shirt although I don't wear shirst with sayings. We bought a set of clear pyrex bowls with lids last year and got the whole set for $14.

everythingsewing said...

Love it!!! Now, I need a shirt like that.
Just seeing your bowl collection is wonderful, so glad you were able to collect them.

I am now inspired by the Valentines, thanks for the push to do something special.