Craft Time

It's been awhile since I have shared any crafts or decorations that have been made by my family. Mom has been busy and she shared some of her recent items with me. I love how she has done this table. Of course, the fact that it has my grandbabies in it just makes it even more special. She did the frame with a collage of pictures from when we went to the lake with my son and his family on Mom's last trip down. She made the birdhouse planter out of plastic canvas and yarn. Isn't it gorgeous. And she made the runner from some material she had. I love this whole display. 

She made yo yo's using home spun fabric and sewed them on this little doily. I love how the material blends with the home spun fabric on the lamp. This is just too cute. I am going to get some doilies and material and she is going to make me some of these for my lamps on my end tables. 

Check out the runner under the birdhouses. It is another of her recent crafts. She also painted the wooden birdhouses on the table. I wish I was as crafty as Mom. I love the little tray in the middle. She simply put a piece of fabric in the frame instead of a picture and has a neat little tray for displaying her bird items. Isn't that just too cute. 

But my absolute favorite is the pillow on her bed. She took another doily and made some yo yo's to sew on it and then attached it to a pillow she made. Isn't it gorgeous. 

Mom is such an amazing lady. I hope I am like her and that when I am in my 80's I will still be doing crafts and still enjoy changing the decor in my house like she does. Thanks Mom for letting me share all your pretty things. 


Everyday Things said...

love that runner... I really enjoy making them for my tables too! I love the birdhouse theme on the runner aswell!

Kim said...

The pillow is gorgeous. What a great idea. And I adore birdhouses so that table display is wonderful.

Empty Nester said...

I think I'm pretty crafty. Until I see someone who really is. Like your mom. Very nice!