Friday's Faves

It is that time of year when I start looking forward to spring yard sales. Those wonderful days when everybody does their spring cleaning and bargains are so good to find. Last year was an awesome experience. It seemed like every weekend there were lots of good sales to visit. I got a lot of bargains and almost everything I purchased was $1.00 or less. I got a lot of great items for .25 and .50. Hope this year brings as many good bargains. I thought I would share a few of my favorite finds from last year. 

Since I am Aunt B and Mamaw B and simply B to a lot of my family and friends, I fell in love with this little bee. At another sale I found the little tea for one. I couldn't pass it up. 

This wasn't a yard sale find, but it was a great bargain for $3.00 at an antique store. I had been looking for one for over a year so I snatched it up when I found it. 

It was an awesome year for Pyrex. I found a lot of items at yard sales and some good deals when antiquing. I also have a friend who gifted me some cool pieces and my Facebook group helped with some trades. My favorite of it all was my Colonial Mist Cinderellas set. I ended up with all four pieces and none of them cost me a cent. Some of the cookbooks were yard sale finds as well. And I am still in love with my white Hamilton Beach Pyrex mixing bowl. I find myself making lots of cakes just so I can use the bowl. 

I loved my Pyrex restaurant dishes. The plate and little bowl get used quite a bit around here. 

And Mom gave me this gorgeous Corelle platter. I use it to put my bacon and sausage on when I fix a big breakfast or breakfast for supper. 

This chip and dip set for $2.00 was a bargain. It is Vintage Indiana Glass and hard to find all three pieces together. It was on Ebay one time for about $30 so you can't beat $2.00. 

I also wanted to find a Corelle plate in this pattern. I blogged I wanted to find one and then the next weekend found an antique store that has tons of stuff in this pattern. Only paid $1.50 for the plate. 

And I remember how excited I was to find these vintage looking potholders for .25 each. 

But was even more excited when I found this Nantucket style basket for just .25 to keep them in. 

I had looked and looked for good deals on a sugar and cream set in cut glass. Found this one for just a couple of bucks for the set at a yard sale. Found the little platter at another one for a quarter and the little tooth pick holder for .10 cents. Love it.

Was thrilled to find the snowflake Pyrex with stand. I use this casserole dish a lot. It makes a great blackberry cobbler. Still looking for a lid to fit it. Maybe this year. 

Two little cups I stumbled on at different times. They are Hazel Atlas which is rare to find around here. And I found one for .75 cents at a flea market and one for about $3 or $4 at an antique store. I will always snatch up Hazel Atlas cups. 

These are one my rare finds that I ordered from E-bay. I bid on them and won them for just $4 plus $5 shipping. So for nine bucks I now own a vintage set of Holt Howard kitty salt and pepper shakers. I love these. They were close to $40 bucks at a local antique store. 

Found this cup and saucer and was beyond thrilled. Mom had some of these when we were growing up. They were free in Mother's Oats. 

One of the bargains that thrilled me the most was the set of Swanky Swigs glasses that I found at a yard sale. Twelve to the set and the cost was just $4.00 What a bargain!

Some of my treasures are used for reasons other than what they were made for. Like this little teapot that is in my master bath. It sets by the corner tub and contains bath salts. I just pour them in when I'm going to take a bubble bath and soak. 

This little candy dish became a soap dish in the bathroom. 

And one of my most brilliant ideas if I say so myself was using this tea for one in my master bath. The top holds Q-tips and the bottom holds cotton balls. And I might add this was around a buck at a yard sale. 

I also love my little wooden shelf that holds recipes in the drawers. It was just $1.00. 

I love big cups for my hot chocolate and marshmallows. These are two of my favorites. 

I just hope this years finds are a great as last years were. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

The Corelle plate...I think the name might be Indian Summer...that's the exact pattern of my dishes and cookware!!! I love it, too and have never gotten tired of it. I can't even remember how long we've had it....probably since we built the house in 1979!!! Great minds?!?!? ;-)

Patrice said...

I wonder if the tight economy means that people will be having more yard sales to get extra cash. Hmm. I'm looking forward to yard sale time, but I don't burn the gas on it like I used to ten years ago. I enjoyed seeing your finds. Have a great weekend!

everythingsewing said...

OH MY!! I spotted your candy bowl and had to blog about it. I did add your link as I have not asked permission to use your picture.

Just unreal. I sure enjoy your treasures and how creative you use them.