Happy Valentine's Day

It's the day of Love. Do you have any special plans? Hubby is off today so we are just going to hang out together. Not sure if we are going anywhere or just stay at home.  I was looking for a picture of me and Hubby to show today. We neither one like to have our picture taken and I am usually the one taking them. I found this one from one of our trips somewhere back in the late 80's. Both of us had such long hair and what was up with the HUGE glasses. Hubby's beard was so long and bushy. This just cracks me up. I think we need to get a recent photo taken together...SOON!

Hubby gave me the key to his heart for Valentine's Day. It is a little necklace I have been drooling over. Keys are one of the symbols Thirty-One uses a lot, especially in their earlier days. I've been wanting a key necklace for quiet sometime so I was thrilled to pieces to get this one. 

Thirty-One was based on the principals in Proverbs 31 so anytime I see something from Proverbs I love it. In the card Hubby got me was a bible verse: He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. - Proverbs 18:22. The whole card was very romantic. He's such a wonderful Hubby.

I entered a contest at Everyday Ruralty. Ms. Patrice is giving away a pair of beautiful glass earrings  from Uncommon Goods made from the remains of broken vintage depression glass. The winner gets to pick pink or green. I love the pink. And with them being vintage? Well, hello, they are so perfect for me. What an awesome Valentine's gift to win. Hop over to her giveaway and sign up for your chance to win. 

I visited Uncommon Goods site and fell in love with this Grandma Necklace

This Grandma has five very special sweethearts in her life. I want to take time today to tell my babies Happy Valentine's Day from Mamaw.

Christian Garret

Caleb Michael

Alexis Caroline

Shelby Rayne

Colby James

Happy Valentine's to Mamaw's favorite sweethearts. I love you all.


Patrice said...

That's some big hair! Yes, I had the large glasses too. Great post about my giveaway-thanks. Your grandkids look wonderful. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

everythingsewing said...

Happy Valentines day.

A great picture of two young lovers.