I get so mad at myself.....

Why oh why can't I spoil myself once in awhile. We went antique hunting yesterday and I saw a Pyrex bowl I have been longing for. I love the brown Town and Country pattern and rarely see it around here. It was at the first place we stopped and it was only $7.00. But I couldn't decide because I didn't know what I might see in the other stores and I never make snap decisions on Pyrex unless it is a killer deal. So I thought about it. Then I convinced myself that I should just wait, even though I really, really want something in that pattern. So for a lousy seven bucks I walked away and left this beauty setting on a shelf. 

Then to make matters worse, in the same store, I saw these mugs in the original packaging for just $12.00. That isn't really a bad price but I just didn't want to spend that not knowing if I could resell them. Because if I bought them, there is no way I would keep them in the box. I wanted to use them. So I walked away from them as well. Even though this is one of my favorite patterns that I have wanted to own something in and I'm trying to collect an assortment of Pyrex mugs. What is wrong with me?

I was so saddened about passing them up. Here are some other things I saw that caught my eye, but the price was way too high so I didn't feel bad about leaving them on the shelf.  I liked this blue dotted bowl but I couldn't find any markers so I don't now what it was, but don't think it was Pyrex. 

This booth had a lot of great bowls with lids but at great prices so I just admired them from afar.  

At another store, I found this display but the only things I liked in it were on the high side. But I thought it was neat that they had the orange and brown Town and Country bowl. Two T and C's in one day. Very rare for me. 

And these two divided dishes were pretty but pricey as well. This particular store always has some beautiful stuff to window shop with but the prices are way out of my league. This was the first Barbed Wire pattern (white with black) that I have ever seen in person.  

I love this Hazel Atlas egg nog set and it would be awesome to own....but not at $68.00!

I am not sure what brand this was but it was adorable. It resembles the Hazel Atlas except Hazel's has faces on her oranges and some orange blossoms on it. But it does look Federal may have been the maker of the pitcher. 

This is my favorite shelf in this particular booth. She always displays her best pieces on it and the prices always make me say OUCH! No way. The items are ever changing so somebody must be willing to pay the high prices. After seeing the high prices everywhere else, $7 for my little Town and Country Cinderella bowl didn't seem so bad. 

Once we got home and I was regretting not getting anything, hubby surprised me by saying we were going to go back and get the bowl. So we did. And he bought me my first piece of Town and Country and it is in excellent condition. 

As we were leaving, he said "You might as well get these too because you know you want them." And he picked up my cups that I fell in love with. 

Isn't he awesome! I got both things I wanted and because he bought them, I still have my shopping money for more bargains tomorrow. What a guy! I think I'll keep him. 


ThrifterSisters said...

You work so hard taking care of everyone else in your family that you need to spoil yourself every once in a while! You deserve it and Pyrex is the perfect way to do it.


everythingsewing said...

Oh, I am so happy your story had a happy ending. I do that way to much, when I go back it is usually to late.