Just checking in....

Do you have things that you get addicted to? My latest addiction is Dragon City on Facebook. Let me say that I am not one of those people who do online games. I have nothing against them, but I just don't get into that....until now. I allow myself some time on it first thing every morning and a little every night. I have my grandson Garret to thank for introducing me to it. It is really cool. I have actually made it to level 19 and created some really cool dragons.

I have fallen in love with the sound of new country music artist Greg Bates. He is a real cutie pie. I've got to get his CD for the car.

(Listen to on You Tube)

I saw some awesome vintage items on a blog the other day and the lady had found them at her local flea market. It was like a light bulb went off. I go to antique stores, thrift stores, yard sales and I have never thought about the flea market. We have on about 6 minutes from my house with a lot of outside booths that care yard sale type items and I am sure there would be vintage and lots of goodies at it. It is 200,000 square feet with over 600 booths. Thinking I need to go there.

There was actually a yard sale in my town this past Saturday. I didn't go to it because she has one about 5 times a year and it just has never been one of the places I find things. But it was fun to see the garage sale sign and no that the season is almost upon us.

I also found a new thrift store recently that has some Pyrex in a few of the booths. It is a little upscale for a thrift store. The prices are not thrift store prices but they are not as high as an antique store. Some of the bowls were just $6 - $8 but the one time I went they just didn't have anything I was looking for right then and nothing that caught my eye for that price so I'll keep checking back.

Have a great day. 


Rachel Marie said...

Lovin Greg Bates new song!!! I think I've listened to it 130478904759 times in the past week :) I can't help myself!!!

Leslie said...

I haven't played that game yet.. thank gosh, because I love online games and sometimes they can consume a lot of my time. : )
We have a new thrift shop opening near by.. I can't wait to check it out.
Have a great week.