Pyrex Around the World on Wednesday

It is always interesting to me how certain areas are Pyrex poor while other areas have an abundance. I took a trip around the world (well, the U.S. anyway). It fascinates me what value others place on Pyrex when they are selling it. You can tell from the prices that some people know the value of what they have and some people don't. And some don't really care...they just want to get rid of it. Here are some I found from across the US on Craig's List. 

This set of fridgies is in Washington for $49 for the set. Tad on the high side. 

One of the most popular and most beloved prints, the Butterprint. This is in Pennsylvania for $10.

A partial set of Cinderella Butterprints. These can get a little expensive, but these 3 pieces are for sell in Pennsylvania for $10 for all three pieces. Unbelievable. 

This is the Hamilton Beach Pyrex mixing bowl set that I love. I have the big bowl and now I want the one with the pour spout. I paid $12 for the big one. This entire set is only $15 in San Diego. 

Seattle always seems to have the most Pyrex and the best deals. This divided dish in the pink daisy is only $10. I want to find a couple more of these divided dishes now that my sister suggested using them to serve snacks - candies in each side or chip and dip or salsa and chips. I need to find some of these. 

Some of the people from Seattle must realize the value of collecting. This mint condition set of mixing bowls in Butterfly gold with the box is going for $95. Too rich for my taste.

Check out these solid color bowls. Not sure if they came as a set like this or not and not sure what they are called but they are all four Pyrex and he is selling them for $25 for the set in Pennsylvania.

This listing was in Maryland and they are asking $15 for ALL of these as one set. That is like $3 per piece. WOW! I would pay that just to get the woodland loaf pan on the bottom right. 

Here is another one of the pink daisies divided dish. This one is in Knoxville for $20. 

And this piece I have sent an email on to see if they still have it. It is in Knoxville for $8 and since I am in Knoxville a lot, I could pick it up. 

Another butterprint mixing bowl for $10 locally in Knoxville. 

Indiana had a listing of these fridgies. Just $3 for each one. Not a bad deal at all. Finding fridgies with lids is hard to do especially at such a good price.

This gooseberry bowl is a pattern I love. It is in Pennsylvania for $15

I really want to go to Quakertown, PA. They have this striped bowl for just $9. These are hard to find around here. 

This casserole dish is $10 in Seattle. I have seen two of these locally and they were $25 and $35 so $10 is a good deal. 

The following items do not have prices and they are in an antique store in Anchorage, Alaska. I have always wanted to visit Alaska. Now that I have a reason to go. 

What about your corner of the world? Are you Pyrex poor or is there an abundance of it?


Debbie Huffaker said...

What is the pattern called with the snowmen behind the bowls? They are gorgeous!!!

Creations By Cindy said...

I had one of the blue and hwite divided dishes and it broke!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

ColibriNB said...

It's hit and miss around here. Not many pieces, and sometimes crazy prices for really bad condition. You just have to be patient and keep looking. It's worth it!