Scrap Fabric Ideas

I have a basket full of beautiful material that I don't have a clue what to do with. I was looking on Pinterest for some ideas. Here are quite a few good ideas. Unfortunately, people who pin don't always show a link back to directions so you would have to figure out how, but most of them look easy enough.  This is cute for entertaining a baby. 

I never thought about coasters before. 

This would be a good home school project to learn the states. Looks like it would take a while, but could be fun. Of course you could also do this with scrapbook paper and make it like a puzzle so they could learn the states.

This is too cute. It could be made from scrap ribbon. 

I love this. It reminds me of Thirty-One. It's a good idea on what to do with some of those sample swatches when they discontinue patterns. 

These were some note cards. 

Some more note cards. 

If you don't mind sewing, these are some really cute bookmarks.

But my favorite was these necklace charms. I love wearing solid color tops and sweaters. How cute would it be to make some of these showcasing some of my favorite material. They would show up really well on solid tops. 

I have some of the old sample swatches from past Thirty-One patterns. These would make some cute necklaces to wear to my Thirty-One events or for giveaways to my hostess and her guests. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

I have that map saved in my "to do" crafts for the grand's!!! The Thirty-One swatches would look great for necklaces.

everythingsewing said...

Those swatches would look great in a necklace. Like the idea of not only wearing one but also giving as a gift.

I have boxes of scraps, I could make sure you never run out.

Or you could try quilting LOL