Some highlights from this week....

My cousin has been going through some old pictures and posted this on Facebook for me. It's my twins when they were just a year old. Oh this takes me back in time and brings back many, many memories. 

She also posted this one that was taken when they were two years old. Totally precious. Sometimes I long for those days when my babies were still little.

Speaking of children, I saw this idea on Pinterest. It suggests you cut out paper hearts and write things about your child and stick a new one on their door every day leading up to Valentine's day. 

I also saw this beautiful wreath on either Facebook or Pinterest, I can't recall which. But isn't it pretty. I have got to learn how to make these. 

I know we aren't even past Valentine's yet but the beauty of working with Pre-K crafts for Sunday School is that I get to plan ahead. This is a wreath I made last Easter for my door. It was so much fun and so easy that I think we will let the kids make smaller ones for one of our Easter crafts. Just buy the eggs with the holes in both ends and run floral wire through the holes and tie it off. Add a bow and ribbon and you are good to go. It was so much fun that I'm going to make more this year.

I love this idea for "deviled eggs". Use your deviled egg tray and fill it with Jello. When it sets up add a dollop of whipped cream. Cute idea for dessert for Easter. 

How much fun would this be to make. I have got to do this. The grandkids might like to help with this. Of course, with five sets of hands helping I had better get an extra bag of M & M's. I think more will get eaten than end up on the cake. 

For all my blogging buddies that love animals, thought of you when I saw this. Isn't it adorable. 

I had an exciting week from Thirty-One. On Thursday, I got a package. Check out my Double Pinch Coin Purse. I am just loving it. I adore the red and white polka dots inside. 

They call it double pinch because it has a smaller section inside for coins. 

It is perfect for your cards, some cash and some coins. It even has that little pocket inside to keep your cards and cash separated. 

And it matches my key fob. 

And then on Friday, UPS came again with my Thirty-One Inside Out Bag in the new Black Floral Brushstrokes. I earned this for free in one of there incentive programs. That is why I love Thirty-One. There are always chances to earn free stuff.

The beauty of this bag is if I get tired of all the black and white in the spring, I can simply turn it inside out and carry it as the new Pink Cross Pop pattern.

Two bags in one. How cool is that?

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Mary said...

The twins are so cute, isn't fun to look at pictures like these. I love it, brings back such great memories. I have twin grandsons, they are 16 now. The years have gone by too fast! Have a great week end!