Thank goodness for Friday

I have had accomplished a lot in my job this week, both my regular business and my Thirty-One business. So I am definitely taking a day off today. Hubby and I have considered going to a few antique stores for two or three weeks but something always happens and we don't make it. But today we have a clear schedule and plan on doing some shopping. I am going to keep my eyes open for a good Pyrex bargain. If I could just find one thing that I want today at a reasonable price, it would be the chip and dip set in any pattern.

There are quite a few estate sales this weekend. Some are a little farther than I care to drive. But are fairly close. Here are a few things that caught my eye. I see some butterfly gold Pyrex and some of the blue flowered Corelle.

My Aunt Louise had these metal glasses with the matching pitcher. Many a glasses of ice tea and grape Kool-Aid were drank from these glasses. It is very unusual to see that many together in a person's estate. You don't normally see that many in an entire antique store.

I am obsessed with small cabinets. This one just really caught my fancy. I bet it would clean up nicely.  

Any crafter knows of the multitude of uses for buttons. Wouldn't you just love to grab up a few jars of these. Buttons and material are on my wish list for yard sales this year.

I spy with my little eye a little Pyrex fridgie in red. I also adore the utility cart. Mom had one of these. I would like to find one but don't know where I would put it if I did find one. 

And unless my eyes deceive me, I spot a horizon blue Pyrex oval casserole with lid in this picture. I also see a couple of the ladies head vases and a rack of glasses that might be vintage.

There are some items this year that I want to keep my eye out for in case I can get a good deal at a yard sale. One is some type of small table similar to this that I can refinish and put on the front porch to keep a planter on. 

I would also like to find a vintage store that would have a beautiful shawl made from gossamer fine threads. 

I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for a vintage pitcher and set of matching glasses this year. I know just the spot where I want to display them if I can find a set. 

I love this Hazel Atlas glasses. They came with sour cream in them. 

I would love to find a little cuckoo clock for my office. It doesn't even have to cuckoo. I just want it for looks. 

I would love to find some of these Hazel Atlas bowls. I have been blessed to find some of the coffee cups now if I can just venture into finding bowls. 

I would love to find a matching set of these dresser lamps. If not these, then at least something vintage looking. I have broken one of my existing lamps and can't find one to match it so I'm just going to get a whole new set. 

Call me crazy, but I would love to find an old typewriter to use as a decor display in my office. Even if I can't find replacement ribbon for it. 

Well, that is my wish list for now. What are you going to be thrifting for this year?


Melissa said...

That estate sale looked like a good one. Those metal cups and buttons would have sent me running to their door! You have a great wish list, I hope you find everything this summer!

McGuffy Ann said...

Oh, what cool stuff!

everythingsewing said...

Now I know I need a chip set, wonder where that idea came from??
Oh I see so much 'stuff' I could give a good home to, those roosters, and there are some bowls look like they might be red, I need those too. Oh dear I will need to take my truck.

mammasews said...

I have this typewriter sitting lonely in my basement.....