Weekend Wrap Up

Had a nice weekend but didn't do a whole lot. I went to a birthday party with my daughter for a girl at church. When we came home, we had to stop for about 10 minutes on my daughter's road. It has recently become a deer crossing as this is the second week we have had to wait. The one on the road just stood there until all the others came out of the woods. There were 6 altogether. It was really neat. They just watched us as closely as we were watching them. 

I was fascinated since I never see any near my place. I made the comment I was going to blog about it and my 9 year old grandson said that I always want to blog about everything. I agreed and told him I was so going to blog about him saying that. He just sighed and shook his head. 

I had bought these little cheap shower curtain rings at Family Dollar for $1.50 the other day. 

I had seen an idea on Pinterest (of course) that I wanted to try. 

My spare closet doesn't have any clothes in it so that is where I have chosen to keep my purses and bags. I had some odd and end mismatched hangars that I would hang them from so I could get to them easily. But it has always bothered me because they looked so messed up and not very neat. 

So I decided to try this idea I saw where you hang your purses and bags from shower hooks. You can use the hook kind or the circles. I didn't want to try the hooks because they mostly had decorative hooks and looked a little frail if you had a lot of weight against them. So I tried the rings and I am beyond thrilled with the results. I still have some more to hang up, but I didn't get to finish Project Clean the Closet. But I wanted to show you how it was going. 

Now my purses are easily accessible without knocking down hangars every time I want to change purses or bags. I am loving the fact that the closet looks so much neater with just this one little change. 

While I was on Pinterest, I decided to look around. The new Chevron pattern is all the rage. I said I would like to have a lap quilt for the couch with this pattern. Of course, since I can't quilt I don't see it happening. But I do love it.

Pinned Image

I love this necklace for spring have several outfits this would look good with.

Pinned Image

I have a wing back chair that I would like to have reupholstered with a different material since it is in a spare room and doesn't need to match the couch anymore. I liked this look especially with the throw pillow. But I worry that I would get tired of it in time.

Pinned Image

Then I found this one. I am in love. The various patterns and different fabrics just hit me the right way. Plus I love the fact that it is pastel. If I could refinish it like this, I would move it into my office and put a sofa bed in the kids room. I love this.

Pinned Image

I stopped at the magazine rack in the grocery store yesterday while I was waiting on them to put some hamburger meat out. We were having chili for supper and they had run out of hamburger. As I was browsing, I found several magazines I had never seen before. I may have to go back and get a couple of them.

Well, it is Monday and I promised myself I was going to set some goals for the week so I could stay focused. So I guess I better get started on it. 


Kim said...

Great idea about hanging up the purses. Also I might try that with scarves. Right now they are just shoved in a drawer, wrinkling.

everythingsewing said...

Using those rings for hanging is a great idea.
What a cute statement by your grandson about blogging.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

My daughter wants a chevron quilt. She doesn't quilt either ... so she asked her mama to make her one. ;-)