Weekend wrap up

I actually started out my weekend on Thursday since Hubby and I decided to take a four day weekend and get some things done around the house. We made a run to the Dollar Tree and Walmart where I picked up some cute little door prize gifts.

We also bought some clothespins and adding machine tape to make scrolls for our Sunday School lesson about the lost scrolls showing the Laws of God.  I hid them Sunday and the class had to go find the lost scrolls. The we went back to the classroom and unrolled them and read God's Law. Then after the story, we let the kids "get lost" in the room and we had to find them. Basic hide and seek, but they loved it.

We drove up through Gatlinburg just to see the town. It had been awhile since we had been over there. We like to go over there and just get out and walk up and down the sidewalks. There are some neat little stores.

One of my Thirty-One sisters was selling some of her items and I got a good deal on the new cosmetic bag set. I can't wait to go somewhere to use it. This is one of the new spring patterns, Black Floral Brushstrokes.

And I also bought the new Keep It Caddy in the Pink Floral Brushstrokes. This is one of my favorite new bags.

I love the little pocket on the front for notepad and pencils. It also has fishnet pockets on both ends. I am putting in an order this week and I'm going to get me one or two more of these. They are this month's special where you can spend $31 and get one of these in the pattern of your choice for just $5. I love when they have these kind of specials. It's a bargain I just can't pass up. I am just trying to decide what to get for the $31 because there is so much I want. And then I have the dilemma of deciding what other pattern I want for the $5 bag. I love them all. I think this time I'll get the Island Damask.

Saturday was shopping day and I bought some gorgeous material to make some runners for various areas in the kitchen and one for a gift. 

I found some new flip flops at Kohl's that I may go back and get closer to spring. One was coral and one was a turquoise. I didn't buy them yet, but I found some nail polish to match each pair so I did buy the nail polish. Typical me. Buy nail polish THEN buy something to match the nail polish. A little backwards, but that's how I roll.

Last Saturday, you will recall that I went to my Thirty-One meeting? Well, I couldn't show what my free gift was for attending until all the meetings had been held. The last meetings were Saturday. So I can show my brand new Easy Breezy Tote! I love this bag and had planned to buy it in this very pattern. Imagine how thrilled I was to get it for FREE! Can't wait to take it to the beach or the pool.

What went on in your world this weekend?

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