A good question....

I saw a question on Hobby Lobby's Facebook page the other day. It was a great question and I thought of all my blogging buddies who craft and just knew you would love this question. So I thought I would ask it on my blog today and have you leave me a comment with your answer. The question is:

If you were locked inside Hobby Lobby for the night, in which department would you spend the night?

My answer was:

I would spend the night flitting back and forth between Fabric and Yarn. Luckily for me they are just a few aisles apart. 

So, where would you spend the night in Hobby Lobby?


Rachel said...

Between the material and the yarn, of course!

Kim said...

Cute question. Probably the yarn section too. But occasionally I would peek at the button section. I love buttons

everythingsewing said...

How fun, I would be right there in the material section. Just look at all those beautiful colors.

We just got a Hobby Lobby, it opened last week, I have not been there yet as I am waiting for the crowds to die down. Good grief, I had no idea that many people would want to visit that store.

Furry Bottoms said...

Tag, you're it!