Favorite Finds on Friday

As I looked on Etsy this week, I found several things that I fell in love with. This little Easter chicks caught my eye. I posted them on Facebook and one of my friends is going to try her hand at making one. She is very talented and doesn't always need a pattern. These little fellas were just too cute. 

I have been looking for a vintage crumb brush and pan set. I haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for. But I did see this set this week and thought it would be cute to own. I'm still thinking about it. 

Call me crazy, but I miss the old fashioned princess phones. I even miss rotary dialing. I know that sounds crazy. I love all my new fangled gadgets like cell phones, lap tops, tablets, but I really, really miss the old rotary phones. 

Check out these raffia ware glasses. I wouldn't mind finding some of these at a yard sale or thrift store. How cute would this be for the grandkids. 

I would also like to find a vintage coffee pot like this Cathrineholms one. 

I love doilies. The pineapple pattern has always been one of my favorites. This is too cute with the tips in turquoise. 

I'm heading out this morning to go to my first estate sale of 2013. It says over 41 years accumulation of "stuff". So who knows what I might find. 


ThrifterSisters said...

With 41 years of accumulation, you are bound to find something! Good luck and can't wait to see.


Kim said...

That little old crumb lady is precious. You should have her :)

everythingsewing said...

I love visiting you. Those little yellow chicks are just precious. You always remind me of things I have forgotten about I love that!!