Getting Organized the $ Tree Way

My daughter shared a link with me on Friday. It was about organizing your whole house using items you could find at the Dollar Tree. I sat down and visited the site and clicked on every link to all the satellite sites. I was armed with pencil and paper to make a list for a trip to the Dollar Tree.

I didn't get everything in one trip because I had to decide what area I was going to focus on first. But I did pick up a few things for my office. I had several other things I thought about getting but wasn't sure if I would use them. But when I was getting organized this weekend, I actually found two or three areas that I wish I had bought the other items for. But here were the few things I picked up to try.

This little basket is going to hold the yarn for whatever my current plastic canvas projects are. This way, I have all the yarn in one place and work on any of the various projects just by grabbing the basket. As I finish one project, that yarn can go back in my stash and be replaced with the yarn for the next project. 

This is going to hold material that I buy to make runners with. Then when I am ready to work on them, I can just grab the basket. I'm going to put a pair of scissors and my hem tape in there as well. That way, I will have everything for the projects in one place. 

I sat them in the floor under the craft table for easy access and because the colors go good with the theme in my craft/office room. 

I bought three of these little baskets that are the perfect file for sorting and holding paperwork that I am working on until it is completed and ready to file. I had some Martha Stewart tags and a marker in a matching color so I made a label for each basket. 

I stacked them on the spare table so they are readily accessible.

I picked up the two blue metal buckets and put notepads in one and pencils in the other one. I didn't realize it till I got home, but they match my stapler perfectly. 

I already had this tray for folders for important things that I need to keep at my fingertips so I put it on my desk. 

This little blue box was perfect for my dry erase markers for the board on the left. Plus I am using the sorter tray to hold my notebooks I use for my Thirty-One business.

One of the ideas for organizing was using shoe holders for doors. My daughter had two she was not using so she gave them to me. I used one in my craft room. I put it inside the closet door. It holds the craft items for children's church. Now, when I get ready for a craft project for the class, I can go to my holder and pull out what I need. 

I used to keep my cleaning supplies in a couple of containers under the sink and was always fussing about how much room it took up. Some were under one sink in this yellow container and some are under another sink. 

The other shoe organizer became my cleaning supply area. I love it. Everything fits perfectly in the little slots and I can see what I have at a glance and not have to dig through the dark sink. 

And it has two big pockets on the bottom that I can keep my cleaning rags in. 

While we were out Saturday, my daughter picked up some material for some no-sew runners. 

I got the Easter one done this weekend. 

 All that cleaning, organizing and crafting has made me ready for a relaxing evening this evening.

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