Loving this ribbon

It's going to be a busy day today, but what else is new in my world. It seems like that is the norm around here. Busy, busy, busy. Last night, I helped decorate for a shower today. We didn't let the bride-to-be see the decor yet. My daughter got a little cute and posted a sneak peak on Facebook. Here is what she posted. Pretty sure the bride-to-be is excited to see what is behind the doors. 

I bought some paper and ribbon to wrap our gift yesterday. I decided to forego the traditional bow and ribbon. I wanted something "wedding-y" for the actual ribbon. I found some tulle ribbon that I thought might work for what I wanted. It came off the roll like this. I tied it around the package. 

Then I discovered it opened up like this for a wider width. It had some flexibility to it. 

So I tied a big bow and opened up the ends and it resembled a veil. I really thought it turned out cute. 

I am running to Walmart this morning to get some flowers for my Easter arrangement.  I saw some yesterday, but I wasn't exactly sure what colors were in the tablecloth I'm using so I thought I'd better wait until today to get the flowers. They had some silk ones that resembled this one. I should have gotten them because both colors are in my tablecloth. I'm going to a different Walmart, one that is closer to my house, than I did yesterday. I just hope they have what I want. 

I have to head back to the fellowship hall to help with the helium balloons for the shower after I get back from Walmart. The shower is this afternoon. When I get home from that, I'm going to decorate the house for Easter. Finally. I've been wanting to do it all week and haven't had a chance yet. Have a good day today!

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