That plan didn't work out....

Well, things are falling apart on the Pyrex front. Hubby wanted to get me the Pyrex pink daisy casserole dish for my Easter basket this year. I saw it at a local antique store and he gave me money to get it when I was by that way again so he could make sure he was giving me the right one. The plan was that he would pay for it and I would pick it up and bring it home to him. Then he was going to put it in hiding until the Easter bunny comes to fill it with candy. 

So today, I decide to go pick it up while I was running errands. So I get there. They still have it. It is still the same price as before. Now I pick it up to look it over to make sure that it is what I want. And I gasped! Since the last time I was there, someone has dropped it or knocked it against something. There is a big chip in the top rim and one side has a deep gouge that has also scratched all the paint off. My beautiful soon-to-be Easter basket is no longer worth the price they were asking. And I don't want it if it has a chip in it and a chunk out of it because I wanted to bake casseroles in it. When I get one, I want it to be in good shape like this one, not broken. 

So I looked around and didn't see anything else I wanted. So I went home empty handed and told hubby to forget Pyrex for Easter. So he told me to take the money and get me a something I wanted. Well, I have had my eye on a pair of flip flops at Kohl's. They are the same price as the Pyrex bowl. So I just have to decide do I want the coral pair?

Or the turquoise pair?

So I went on line to look at them closer and try to decide and guess what? They are on sale for 1/2 off this weekend. So I can actually get BOTH pairs if I want. With my luck, they won't have my size now that I have finally decided to get them. Or I won't like the way they "feel". Then I had this big dilemma on what to wear for Easter. I finally made a decision to wear this coral sweater and white slacks that I already have. I have torn the house upside down looking for the sweater. I just saw it a couple of weeks ago and now it is nowhere to be seen. So I decided to wear a turquoise top and the white pants. But when I got out the pants to wash them up, there was a stain right below the knee that I didn't notice when I put them up for the winter. I did wash them and they did come clean. But I really don't want to wear the turquoise top so I have decided on a dress I have that I've only worn about 2 or 3 times. 

So my plan for my Easter Basket didn't work out the way I wanted and my plan for my Easter outfit was a flop as well. Oh, well, at least I will get chocolate from the Easter bunny ... unless he forgets where I live. 


Patrice said...

Two pair of shoes for one works for me!

Linda said...

Hubby sent me to Kohl's on Saturday and told me to use the coupons and buy myself something for Easter. So, even though I was tired and didn't feel too well, I went, and after trying on a gazillion things and couldn't make up my mind, I came home with 5 tops and a necklace and earrings. I decided what top I would wear and I went to bed...then to my sorrow I woke up sick and didn't get to go to church! UGH!

So I know things don't always work out as planned! But I hope you enjoyed your Easter candy! (:>)

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits