Weekend Wrap Up

After the shower on Saturday, I came home and decided that even though it was freezing cold and even though snow and sleet was coming down, I was bringing spring into the house. So I got out my Easter eggs from last year and the new flowers I bought Saturday.

I arranged them with the eggs. I thought it turned out pretty cute. 

While cleaning a closet last week, I found a wrought iron shelf I had bought for about a buck at a yard sale last year and have never found a use for it. 

When I was cleaning off my rack to decorate for Easter I had an idea. 

I inserted the little shelf on the shelf of the rack. 

I put my Hazel Atlas cups, my Mother's Oats cup and saucer and my small Cinderella Pyrex bowl on the shelves. I love the way it turned out. 

Then I put my Easter display beside it. I love the eggs in my Pyrex gooseberry.

I hung the Easter apron Mom made me up on the rack. 

On the top rack, I added a little Easter dishcloth and a bunny rabbit beside my flowers and my Holt Howard kitties. 

Here's how the whole thing turned out. I am loving it. 

I put my spring tablecloth on and added my pink bunny and rooster salt dip. 

When I was rearranging, I decided to pull out my John Deer bowls and use them on the snack counter. Yes, we eat so much junk food that we have to have a counter dedicated to it. I love my John Deere bowls. What farmhouse style kitchen is complete without something in John Deer. 

After that, I had to make some "green eggs" for Sunday School since we were celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday yesterday. I made the green jello and using a funnel, poured the liquid into my deviled egg tray and put it in the refrigerator. 

The result was some perfect green eggs for Sunday. 

Sunday, little Miss Megan decided to try her Jello on her biscuit. I'm not sure if she ate it or not. But it looked kind of gross to me!

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Tracy said...

Super cute display. Great job.