When faith walks in....

God can move mountains. He is still in the miracle business today just as much as He was when He parted the Red Sea and when He rose Lazarus from the dead. God has never forsaken us or left us alone to fight our demos. God is forever everlasting. 

We are the ones who have left Him. We are the one who walk away thinking we can handle it on our own. We are the ones who are to blame for the lack of wonder in our lives. 

Faith is such an integral part of our relationship with Christ, yet we check our faith at the door. We spin our wheels and wander like nomads in the dessert trying to find the solution to our problems. 

But it is there all along. It is in the small miracle of us saying "I believe" and putting all our trust in God. When your life is not in order and you are not able to cope with the trials and troubles, open the door and invite faith to walk inside. It is such a simple step. It is the road to joy from pain. 

Will all our problems be solved by taking a leap of faith and placing them in God's hands? Absolutely. They may not be solved to our satisfaction or in our time, but when faith walks in fear walks out. Peace and contentment replace panic and confusion. 

We will find inner strength to face the situations in our life, knowing we are not alone. We will find that burdens will just drift away. What we thought were insurmountable obstacles now become little stepping stones that God will lead us through as He takes us in the path of HIS choosing, not of ours.

You will feel the cloak of despair slip from your shoulders and will feel the armor of God placing protection around your life. 

Will faith mean you lead a charmed life? No, but faith will allow the life you lead to be filled with joy, happiness and most importantly HOPE. 

When faith walks in, grace shows up and mercy holds our hand. When faith walks in, HOPE becomes our freedom.

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