Wish List Wednesday

Here is what I woke up to today.

It's days like this I am so glad I work from my home. 

I will have to run out later today though because I have a lot of Thirty-One to get delivered. 

Our WMU is doing a presentation for church service tonight. Easter is the month for our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering which goes to help missions in North America. I get to talk about Colorado missions. I've got to go over my notes and rehearse today.  

I need to walk out to the mailbox to send out the rest of my Pampered Chef invitations for my party next week. 

I know many of my readers are going gluten free or have family that has to eat gluten free. You might want to know about a new cookbook Pampered Chef has out. If you want to order one, just let me know and I can add it to my party order and it will ship directly to you. Leave a comment if you want the link to order it. 

I want this pitcher from Pampered Chef. Here lately I have been craving grape Kool-Aid with lemons in it. But over the years, I have lost or broken all my pitchers. I love this one because it is the perfect size to go in my refrigerator and I love the built-in stirrer. 

And if I'm going to always keep a pitcher of Kool-Aid made, I will be wanting a tumbler that can go with me in the car. So I'm adding their double wall tumbler to my wish list as well.

I make a lot of potato-bacon-cheese casseroles, but I need a small dish to make them in. I don't have any good small dishes for baking. So the mini-baker at just 8" round that makes 4 cups is the perfect size for me. 

I am thinking about getting me another Cindy Tote while they are on sale this month. I love the one I have but it is a couple of years old and is in an older pattern. I'd love to have one of the new ones in Railroad Denim. I had a customer order one a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with it. I would like to have one with my initials on it in red.

I also want to get the new Coupon Clutch. I might actually remember to take my coupons and use them if I had something to keep them in. 

I got an order yesterday for a customer who had ordered some of the Little Carry All Caddies. I fell in love with them. I am going to have to get the one with the circles. 

I have a friend who sells Scentsy. I love their burners. I need one for my home office. I am thinking about getting this one. It goes so well with my decor in the office.

And this one is perfect for my kitchen since it I have it decorated vintage farmhouse. This looks like old enamel. 

I am also adding another piece of Pyrex to my wish list. I would love to find something in this pattern. It's called Garden Medley. In all my yard sale, antique store and thrift shopping I have never seen it anywhere. Didn't even know it existed until today. But I love it.

I am also in search of something in the Pink Daisy pattern.

Or the turquoise fridgies.

Hopefully yard sales and the outside flea market will pick up soon. Well, I guess I should do some work today. I have a list a mile long and need to get started. What is on your wish list for this spring?

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Debbie Huffaker said...

I have one of those double wall tumblers that Jack bought me...not a PC...but I love it!!! HOPE your party goes well! (do you realize you've enabled comment moderation)