Finally Friday

I've worked really hard this week and I am rewarding myself this weekend. I'm going to have the granddaughters Saturday and they are going to be the first ones to sleep in the new day bed. I know they will love it. 

Tomorrow is a big day for the yard sale lover in Sevier County, TN. It is the annual 10 mile yard sale. 

There are booths set up along the side of the road for the 10 miles. And many stores set up booths in their parking lot. Foothills Furniture had over 20 booths last year and this is how it looked. 

I am so excited. I probably won't sleep good tonight just thinking about all the great finds I might find. We didn't get to go in 2012 because there was something else going on. But in 2011, we found some pretty good bargains. My favorite find of the day was this little teapot for just $3.00. It was in perfect shape. It still holds a place of honor in my living room. It has all the colors in my couch and love seat. 


Of course I have a wish list for tomorrow. I'm looking for baskets and linens and vintage items and of course, Pyrex. Would love to stumble on a booth like this. 

Hope I have happy hunting!


ThrifterSisters said...

Good luck & can't wait to see what treasures you find!

I will be sending good Pyrex finding karma your way:-)


everythingsewing said...

Happy shopping. Do you do the whole 10 miles? I have seen it covered on TV and I would be in overdrive trying to see everything.

I don't remember if I told you how much I like how your bed for ther grands turned out, they already love spending the night at grandma's so this will be that much better.