Monday Quiz about Me

Acting Balanced

I'm joining Acting Balanced for Monday Quiz About Me on April 15th.

1. What is your best solution for getting rid of a headache?

I rarely get headaches and when I do a couple of Advil or Tylenol do the trick. 

2. Do you enjoy taking naps? 

Sometimes. If I am really, really tired on a Sunday afternoon, I will lay down and watch TV on my comfy couch...which is guaranteed to put me to sleep for an hour or so. Afterwards, I always wake up thinking of all the things I could have done if I had not fallen asleep. 

3. What was the last 'block buster' movie you saw at the theater?

This is sad, but it has been so long that I can't remember. I guess if was either Alvin and the Chipmunks or We are Marshall, whichever was the most recent...even both were quite a while ago. 

4. If you could have anyone cook you dinner who would it be?

Well, I guess I would have to say without a shadow of a doubt Paula Deen. But I would have her cook her old way, not the new healthy options. I would want something fried and something with lots of butter. Good old Southern food. 

5. My own question to you this week is this....What is your favorite type of cake that is not chocolate?

I favorite non-chocolate cake would have to be a Lemon Pound Cake. Duncan Hines has a lemon cake that has a recipe on the side of the box that tells you how to make it into a pound cake. Then I make a glaze with powdered sugar, milk and lemon juice to pour over it while it is hot. Delicious!


My Kid's Mom said...

A simple pound cake is really hard to beat.

retired not tired said...

My favorite is banana cake.

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

red velvet!


Kathy said...

My favorite non-chocolate cake is caramel cake. However, my mouth is now watering after seeing your picture of that lemon pound cake!

blueyes said...

Red velvet with cream cheese! Now if only I knew how to make it :/ I can make banana bread like there is no tomorrow.

Meester Uttley said...

Ever heard of Pineapple Upside-down Cake? Not sure if it's a widely known recipe... but mm I love it!

Nani said...

There are cake that aren't chocolate??

Okay, I like lots of different loaves; banana nut, pumpkin, zucchini...don't know if they count.

Our wedding cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting on the bottom with a huge half baseball in cappuccino cake with butter-cream frosting on top. The top half was SO good!