It started with a towel...

When I got my new towel from my cousin, I realized I needed to change some things up. I have been using tablecloths for over 20 years. I have decided it is time to switch to place mats for awhile. 

I found some plaid ones in light browns and tans that I really liked. So I picked them up and brought them home, hoping I would like my table without a tablecloth. 

I have an old McCoy pitcher my cousin Patty and I bought for Mamaw Eden one year for Mother's day when we were little girls. When Mamaw passed away, Patty made sure I got the pitcher to keep and I have kept it in my kitchen ever since. I had some spring flowers that I put in it for my centerpiece for the table. 

My dining set is a solid oak and we have had it a little over 20 years. It is not without scratches and blemishes. That is why I always used tablecloths. But I got out the Old English and went to work polishing and shining. I wanted to bring the beauty back to it. I was very pleased with my hard work. So I put the place mats and the pitcher on the table. 

Then I added my wicker baskets that stay on the table. One with napkins and one with the salt and paper shakers. 

I must say I am very pleased with the result. I think I'm going to like seeing my table again after all these years. 

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retired not tired said...

We re-arranged our kitchen when hubby painted it again. I have boxes of stuff in the basement - hopefully my children will want them.