I've been looking at some upcoming estate sales. The problem is I always find great estate sales that are either too far away to make it there or they are on a day I can't go. But that doesn't stop me from checking out the neat finds. Here are some items I saw on Craig's List for some estate sales going on this week.

The first  thing that caught my eye in this were the two children's chairs. The I notice what appears to be a vintage metal trashcan in green with white flowers. Could those be daisies?

Look at all the milk glass. I see a butter dish that catches my eye. I love the pink lamp.  But it is a tad pink isn't it?

Who immediately spotted the vintage picnic basket. Talk about in good shape. Love it. 

I am looking for a Lane cedar chest to put at the foot of my bed. I have wicker chest there now and it is starting to come loose on the top. I guess I would settle for any vintage cedar chest, but Mom had a Lane when we were growing up so it would be nice to find one at a reasonable price. 

Look at all the Corning Ware bowls. If you look closely in the bottom cabinet it looks like some vegetable serving bowls. Can't tell if they are Corning or if they could possibly Pyrex.

I want to find one of these chairs. Mom had one for years and years. Dad painted hers red. I love this blue one. I bet it would clean up nicely. 

I fell i love with the frosted glasses and my oh my is that a vintage tablecloth?

What an adorable table. I love little tables that have fold out expansions. 

Apparently they have two of them. 

Check out the Lady's head vases. This are gorgeous. I'm going to try to find me one this summer. I see them at yard sales all the time but have never bought one. Didn't realize how collectible they are. 

Look at the vibrant colors in this quilt. I love it. 

Did anything catch your eye?


Liz said...

I never thought to look on craigslist for estate sales. There are some great finds in these pictures. I am quite fond of lady head vases!

Patrice said...

Everything caught my eye- except maybe the PINK lamp. Why did I get rid of the lady head vases I had? Duh! I am so ready for yard sales!!!

everythingsewing said...

Oh MY!!!! So much has hit my eye I want to go. Did you see the doll? Oh I would love to have that doll and the child size chairs. Oh my!!

Will you be able to go to any of these sales?