My weekend plans...

The weekend is getting near. I'll be taking Friday off again this week. I just love 3 day weekends. I already have plans made. Friday is the local Duck, Duck, Goose. My daughter and her mother-in-law go to it every year and they invite me to tag along. 

It is a huge consignment sale that is mostly baby and children's clothes and items. But as it has grown, they have added other things. I have found purses there that are like brand new for $3 or $4. They have consignment purses that are Coach, Vera Bradley and many other well known names. They also lease out booth space to direct sells vendors like Pampered Chef and Thirty-One. 

The Thirty-One people normally have some of their show products still new with tags for sale at great prices. One year my daughter bought a $25 item for $10. I'm hoping to find a mini zipper pouch or a regular zipper pouch at a bargain price. 

Saturday is my Thirty-One Summer Premier so I'll be heading to Maryville, TN for the day. One thing that I love about premier time is that a lot of the consultants bring some of their discontinued items to sell and the prices are awesome. And sometimes it is patterns that have been discontinued for awhile so maybe I can pick up a good deal there as well. I am in need of another organizing utility tote, but none of the current patterns are what I'm looking for. I'd love to find one in the Awesome Blossom. I loved that pattern but never did order it. Now, I am going through a yellow phase so I'd like to find one of those.

After my Thirty-One meeting, I may explore around Maryville for just a little bit. There are some flea markets in that area and roadside yard sales. So I may find me a little treasure to bring back home. 

I think I will bake a cake this weekend. I have been craving Duncan Hines Spice Cake with Caramel icing.

They have discontinued their caramel icing. I wrote them and asked them. But they did tell me that you can create it with the new Frosting Creations and a packet of the caramel flavoring. So I am going to break down and try it. We will see. 

I need to run to the store this morning. I am on a peaches and bananas kick. Not together. I am alternating them as my daily munchies instead of chocolate or so many Junior Mints. I especially love the little canned peaches by Del Monte.

Time to head to the store. Have a great day.


Leslie said...

Hi, I've enjoyed so much your 'chats on the front porch' but haven't figured out how to comment. Enjoy your Spring.


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