Random Wednesday

Just a few totally unrelated things to share today....

Sausage gravy is a very popular item for breakfast. But not everybody has heard of bacon gravy. It's made from bacon grease, obviously. It is my favorite and hubby has made it for me since we got married. I have never made gravy from scratch in my life. I decided to try to make some bacon gravy for my supper the other night. It was a success. No lumps, great taste. I was so proud of myself.

One of my favorite purses that I love to carry is my Thirty-One Casual Cargo Purse. 

It has these little snaps on the sides that you can undo and it creates a wider top for the bag. 

I recently discovered it was a perfect fit for my laptop. I couldn't believe what a good fit it was. 

I also have one of their zipper pouches. 

I put my mouse and other cords all in it that I use for the computer. 

It slid right down in behind the laptop with no problem. 

Now I have a very easy to carry laptop case. The purse has padding in it and even has some inside pockets if I want to just put my cord and mouse in those instead. But I like having it all in the zipper pouch. I put my cell phone in one of the front pockets and my wristlet wallet in the other pocket and I'm ready to go when I need to take my laptop somewhere.

I recently scanned some photos for a friend. It didn't take much time because there were not that many. She wanted to thank me, so she brought me some of the handmade dishcloths I love. I adore these.

I found a home for my new little Federal bowl I got Saturday. Everything on the rack is vintage. 

For now, the little lamp and the Pyrex coffee pots are on this shelf, but I'm not sure I'm keeping them there. 

I hung the sea horses over the towel rack in the beach bathroom. They are just too cute for words. 

The little seashell went on the shelf above the other towel rack. Notice my little birdhouse? That is out of plastic canvas and takes about one hour to make. I had forgotten how much I love making those. I'm going to cut out some and make one for each room of my house. I just love birdhouses. 

My little candle warmer lamp found a home on the corner of the sink. 

And I hung the dishtowel on the end of the wine rack. 

Happy over the hump day!

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Liz said...

Great homes for all of your recent finds! I couldn't make sausage gravy to save my life. My hubby makes it lump free all of the time! Grrrr....