Some local Pyrex for sale

I am looking for a Pyrex in the Pink Daisy pattern. This one was listed again on Craig's List. It was on there for almost two months at $25 locally. They listed it again at $20. I wondering if I should call and offer $15. I want it bad enough to pay $15, but not bad enough for $20.

There is a set of three Shenandoah bowls for $25 for the set. That's not a bad price, but it's not a pattern I'm looking for. 

I sorta like this Verde pattern, but not sure. It's just $10 so that is not a bad price.

Two Butterprint bowls for $30 total. Not a bad price considering how hard it is to find that patter around here except in antique stores. 


Liz said...

It amazes me how one pattern is so common in one area, but almost impossible to find in another. I collect pink pyrex. You have a lot of great pieces!

Melissa said...

Offer $15 for the pink! It's a lovely piece to display and you deserve it!