Ssh! Don't tell anybody.

Today is the Summer Catalog Premier for Thirty-One. I am very excited about going and I heard a rumor that one of the patterns is something that will be perfect for me. Can't wait to see what the new patterns are. It's almost time to head over for the unveiling. 

I love my Thirty-One products, but do you want to know a secret. I want to get a new purse .... and it isn't from Thirty-One. I love their purses. But I have all the ones that I like from the catalog. I need to change it up a little. Have you checked out the new Vera Bradley stuff? I adore this little mini hipster in the Jazzy Bloom.

Even though I like Vera products, I am drawn more to Donna Sharp. I have had more Donna bags over the years than I have Vera bags. My favorite purse style on Donna Sharp is the Leah bag. I have had this bag is four or five different patterns. I always like the patterns that are like a patchwork quilt. So I was really drawn to this new pattern, the Malibu Patch. I have always love patchwork patterns in quilted purses. And I had pretty much decided this is going to be the new purse I purchase. 

Until I saw Donna's new patter, the Malibu flower. I have fallen totally and thoroughly in love with this. It is a must have and I think I may go next weekend to the local Donna Sharp Outlet and check it out. I am so in love with this purse.

I got some good bargains at McKay's Used Book Store yesterday. I took back about 6 or 7 books and that earned me store credit of $8.61. I wanted to get some Barbara Delinsky books, some of her older ones. I was having trouble finding them when one of their staff told me that her older books were in a different section. So I went there and looked. SCORE! I not only found Barbara but I picked up a few Sandra Brown and even got one from Elizabeth Joy Arnold. 

The beauty of the deal was that the older books were cheaper priced. I got 15 books, the most expensive one was $1.25 and some were as low as .15 cents. When I checked out, the total price tax included was $8.80. After using my store credit, my 15 books cost me .21 cents. You gotta love a bargain like that. I totaled the retail value of the books from their original price. It was $110. Wow! $110.00 worth of books for .21 cents. It was the bargain of the year!

I had to run in Family Dollar to get some Junior Mints. While I was there, I picked up three baby bottles to send to my niece for Baby Girl that is due to arrive later this year. These bottles are adorable. They are 2 oz. bottles. I would have loved some of these when my kids were little. I always hated having to use 4 or 8 oz. bottles when they were only drinking 1/2 - 1 oz. These are just too adorable. They were only $1.00 each. I may have to pick a couple more up just to keep in the toy box for the granddaughters to play with when they come over. 

Hubby made some fried potatoes with hamburger macaroni and cheese last night. He cut his potatoes and put them in one of my Pyrex bowls until he was ready to put them in the skillet. I love when he uses my Pyrex. I don't feel so guilty collecting things that get used. 

I have been craving a spice cake with caramel icing, but Duncan Hines discontinued their caramel icing. They tell me that I can buy their Frosting Creations and by the caramel flavor packet, but I am leery of trying it. But, I got a couple of coupons yesterday to get the flavor packet for free. I guess that means I am going to have to break down and try it. 

Well, lots to do today. Hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend. 

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