What it means to be a hillbilly country gal...

Hillbillies. Southern girls. Country gals. Call them what you will, but they are a unique breed of individuals.

They love their man and don't worry about being treated like the little women, protected and loved.

They have an independent streak a mile wide, yet appreciate anything anybody does for them.

They like their blue jean shorts and tank tops on a hot summer day, whether it is the style or not.

They love their flip flops and will wear them all summer for any occasion. But in reality, if you ask them, they would much prefer to just go barefoot.

They can walk in 4" heels or run barefoot on the gravel.

They are feminine with a touch of tomboy thrown in.

They are always "afixin' to" do something or planning on "heading over that way".

They can play with their dainty toy china tea sets or play a rousing game of tag with the boys.

They love to laze in the shade of the old oak tree with a good book, but get a gang of friends together and they will join in a friendly game of wiffle ball.

They can bond with the girls in their lives and forge friendships that will last for decades.

They know the difference between have a boy for a friend or having a boyfriend.

They will draw a line and dare you to cross it, then forgive you when you do.

They have heart and soul and compassion and understanding.

They like sugar and sweets and won't hesitate to enjoy them on occasion, no matter what the health experts say.

They love God, family, country. They respect their elders and say thank you and you're welcome. They say yes ma'am and no ma'am. They hold doors open for the elderly.

They go to church on Sunday and say their prayers before they go to bed every night.

They are the first to fix a casserole for a friend going through a rough time and the last to leave the funeral visitation when a friend needs them around.

They stop for funerals and worry about the bereaved in the funeral procession, even when they don't know the diseased.

They believe every word in the Bible.

Mom and Dad are always important in their lives.

They care about family ties and love their siblings.

Cousins are just as important to them as brothers and sisters are.

They make loving moms and grandmothers.

They know that Aunts and Uncles are very special people and they appreciate having them in their lives.

They work hard and give a good day's work for their pay.

They used their share of outhouses.

They love taking walks in the woods.

They love banjos and guitars and good old timey music.

They come from the hills and the hollers. They are southern born and southern bred.

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retired not tired said...

I loved watching the Andy Griffith show. Thanks for the memory.