Yard Sale Scores!

Oh my! is all I can say about the 10 mile long yard sale Saturday. Did I find anything? Oh yeah! I was so glad I took my new flip flop tote along to keep it organized in the trunk. 

I found a throw pillow to add to the day bed in the spare room. It was like brand new and only $2.00.

I found a couple of insulated tumblers. They look vintage but I don't think they are. I took pictures when I came home. I still need to wash and clean everything up. These were just .50 cents.

I have become obsessed with vintage lamps. This little piece of milk glass caught my eye.

And when I saw it was part of a vintage wood lamp, I just had to have this. I am not sure what year this is from, but I would guess the early 60's based on the lampshade, but really have no clue. I do know I need to get a new shade because this one is pretty stained and had some areas that looked like there had been stickers on them. But it wasn't bad for $1.50 so I snatched it up. 

One lady had a box that just had FREE written on it. I took this little box. I never pass up containers because they come in handy for crafts. May put all my buttons in this or my small pre-cut plastic canvas pieces. Not sure yet. But you can't beat free. 

I don't know why but this little cup was one of my favorite items of the day. It was just .10 cents and I thought it was precious. I will probably drink chocolate milk from it since chocolate milk always makes me happy.  

For $1.00 I had to grab this kitchen towel. I love that it says Hen Party. When I host Thirty-One parties at my house it sounds like a hen party in my kitchen so I thought this was a good towel for me.

There were a lot of books but nothing that really looked great. I do like Judith Arnold so I picked up this one for .50 cents. 

I was looking for things to add to my beach bathroom. I found this little candle warmer. It was in perfect condition. I figured she would ask $3 or $4 bucks for it based on her other prices. But she said $1.00 and I grabbed it up.  

I collect pill boxes if they go with any of my themes or if it is something that brings back memories. I saw this and just knew he would have to go home with me for the beach room. It was $1.00, but I decided to kick into American Pickers mode and asked if she would take .50 cents and she did so he came home with me. After all, what's a beach room without a pink flamingo...even if he's snoozing. 

Another item in another FREE box. I have a shelf for the beach bathroom and thought I could tuck this on it. 

This was one of those "I spotted it, I'm buying it" items. I love wicker and to find three seahorses for just $1.00 total was perfect for the beach room. 

I love taking my daughter along when I'm looking for vintage pieces in the wild. I only find expensive things that are priced at antique store prices. But she is getting good at spotting vintage a mile away. She found this Glasbake dish and said I HAD to buy it because she loved the shape of it. At just $4.00, I had to agree with her. 

Then at the same table, she spotted this Federal mixing bowl for just $2.00. It has some wear and has utensil scratches inside, but I fell in love with it. I have a rack that I'm putting turquoise items on and this will be perfect for it. 

But my favorite moment of the day was when we stopped at a church yard sale at the end of the 10 miles on the way back home. We debated about stopping because their sale had been going on since Thursday. But I remembered getting my sister some aqua handled wooden spoons at their sale last year so we stopped. I was so glad we did. That is where I found the tumblers, the pillow and my Grandma mug. But on the last table near the door I spotted two Pyrex coffee pots. I have been wanting some of these and haven't been able to find them. But there were TWO of them just setting there. So I asked her the price and when she said "They are selling them as a set for $3.00 total." I paid for them right that minute before they changed their mind. I am in love. 

So would you say I had a good day? OH YEAH!! Then to top it off, I was cleaning out a closet and found a case of what I thought was empty Mason jars. It was actually a dozen jars of the last apple butter we canned that I thought we were out of. I have been so sad that I didn't have any more homemade apple butter since Christmas morning. And now I find 12 jars. I am so happy!


retired not tired said...

You did very well at your yard sale. My parents had wooden lamps for years.

Debbie Huffaker said...

That little Pyrex coffee pot brought back memories. My Mom had one (HOPE she still does) and she kept molasses in it...would heat it up and Daddy would pour the molasses over his biscuits...and gravy...and eggs!!! ;-)

Liz said...

You sure did find some treasures in that 10 mile stretch! But I bet you were thrilled with the apple butter find! Love those Pyrex coffee pots.