Craft Ideas ....

I am loving this little box and the coasters to go with it.

SALE - Coaster Set - Patriotic - Red, white, blue - set of 4 - plastic canvas

SALE - Coaster Set - Patriotic - Red, white, blue - set of 4 - plastic canvas

I may have to make a set of these. I checked through my drawers of yarn and found these colors that might work. What do you think?

This little table mat is cute but I don't usually undertake anything this major. But I do like it. And this picture makes me want a red, white and blue mug.

American Quilt

I make little birdhouses out of plastic canvas. They are so easy and very fun to make. It only takes about an hour to make one.

I think I'm going to make some and make a Chevron pattern on them. I think that will be cute. Here is some more yarn I pulled from my stash that I think I'll make my first one in. I have so much yarn that I just shop my own house when I need yarn.

And while I am on the subject of crafts, I found some burlap for just $3.99 and I have some material and buttons I had bought a while back that I think I will use to make the patriotic banners I saw on Pinterest.

I've got an idea of something else to make that will use up some of the patriotic scrapbook paper I have. 

Since I won't need my whole yard of burlap, I dug through my material to find some to try an idea I have. 

Have you seen the new felt that Hobby Lobby is carrying? Instead of solid colors, they have patterns. They are just .50 cents each. Don't know what you would do with them, but I loved them. 

I'm going to cut out my birdhouses and coasters and get started working on them soon. 

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