Just a flippin' and a floppin'

Some of my favorite pairs of flip flops are wearing out and it looks like it time to go flop shoppin'. I went on line to check out Belk specials and found a lot of flops that would be perfect for summer. 

I love turquoise/aqua this year and these are really cute. 

I also go nuts over anything nautical and I would love to have a pair of these. 

I just love the single little jewel tone that is added on these to dress them up a little. These really look summery.

Perfect for a picnic since the insole reminds me of a picnic tablecloth.

You can't go wrong with pastel plaids. These are too cute for words.

The older I get the more 'bling' I like. And gold tone flops fall under my bling category. 

These pink was are really precious. 

But the pair that really caught my eye was the Croc jelly flip flop in aqua. Be still my heart!

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