Oh my lovely, please come home with me

The call came in around 3:00. "Come by the shop, I have something you might like." Off I trotted and there she sat. A little dingy and dull around the edges. 

Sporting that favorite word of mine...PYREX!

No chips or cracks anywhere. I knew she had to be mine. I checked the price...$3.00! I snatched her up and brought her home and gave her a good bath. 

Now I am the proud owner of my very first in the New Dot collection. Please meet Ms. Orange. 

Of course I had to put her in a place of honor. 

She is quietly resting on my shelf of favorites. 

Now to find her siblings. Some bowls I just buy whatever I find in the pattern. But some become an obsession of "I must find the whole set." The New Dot is one of those whole sets I have wished for. The hunt is on until I can get the whole set. 

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Stacey Johnson said...

I love the display! I'm on the hunt for all the dots too! I've got blue and orange. Thanks for sharing :)