Weekend Wrap Up

It was a rainy dreary weekend so I didn't do a lot. On Saturday, I did hit some yard sales...especially any that were indoors. I was able to find this cute little tea pot for just $1.00.

At another one, I found a stack of little crochet doilies. There were five of them for $2.00 so I just went ahead and got the stack.  

I'm not sure where I will put them all but they were too pretty to pass up. 

These need some TLC on a few stains but I know they will come clean. 

One of my all time favorite pictures has always been this one. So when I found it for just $1.00 I knew it was coming home with me. And yes it was already framed so not a bad deal for a buck. 

My daughter gave me this purse over the weekend. I had gotten it for her because I thought it was the shade of blue she was looking for....it wasn't. Which worked out good for me because I love the color. Now to find some flip flops to match. 

Sunday morning it was too rainy for our Pre-K class to do "band". So we decided to do it in the classroom. My ears may never be the same again. 

Hubby worked last night and it was still cold and rainy so I decided some pizza bread was a good idea for supper. Comfort food. 

They are so easy to make. You just use your favorite sub rolls. I use Cobblestone Mill White, pizza sauce, your favorite topping(s) and your favorite cheese. These are so easy. I always make mine sausage because that is my favorite. Hubby likes his with sausage, pepperoni and banana peppers. A friend of mine stopped by to drop something off and I told her what I was making for supper so you stopped at the store and went home and made them with pepperoni. Her family loved them. 

However you load them down, they are delicious. 


ThrifterSisters said...

Isn't it so exciting to find something you love for only a dollar? I'll bet you were on Cloud 9 finding that teapot. My mother in law has that same picture in her living room. I believe it is part of a series because she has a few more that are similar. Score for you!

Have a great week,


Liz said...

I have a thing for teapots like that. I remember our Sunday school class doing something like that years ago! Pizza bread is our go to snack on busy Sunday afternoons.