What I did, what I am doing, and what I want to do...

What I did....I rearranged the office/craft room last night. I know you get tired of me doing that but I spend so much of my time in there and still haven't gotten it the way I want it. My biggest problem has always been the desk at the window. The sun hits there from 11:00 on and it gets hot sitting in front of it. So I finally rearranged things and swapped the desk and the craft table. I like having the craft table in front of the window better.

I'm using my spare kitchen chairs in my work area. I moved my little file cabinet to the corner. 

I put my desk against the other wall and moved my printer to the printer stand. The desk being moved brought it closer to my dry erase board. 

I love the finished product. 

What I am doing...I am going to take a drive down Boyd's Creek today because there are a lot of yard sales happening over that way. They have yard sales all the time and there was even an article written about the increase of yard sales in that area. But first, I'm going to the Catlettsburg School Community Yard Sale this morning. They have awesome deals. Last year I was thrilled to find this little cutie for .25 cents. I use it constantly. 

When I moved my desk, it also now allows me to see my Thirty-One rewards board. It reminds me why I got into Thirty-One in the first place.

Sometime over the weekend, I need to get ready for a Thirty-One party. I have loved being a Thirty-One consultant but recently I began to wonder if I was going to stick with it because my sales had slowed way down. But then all of  a sudden I got two calls. So I'm doing a party this coming Monday and another one the next Tuesday. Should be an awesome time. 

In honor of the new flip flop pattern, Monday night's party will be a summer theme. Everyone who wears flip flops will be registered to win something in the new flip flop pattern. The hostess is stocking it full of summer fun items. 

What I want to do....I want to finish some unfinished craft projects. I bought some pretty pink yarn and some pretty blue and now I don't know what to make with them. 

I also want to organize my yarn. I have some in this little basket. I have some in a box in my closet. And I have some in three drawer craft box. I definitely need to get it organized. 

I also need to finish this little coaster. I started it several weeks ago and made it in one hour. I started the outer edge trim and got a call and haven't been back to finish it yet. 

I bought some awesome material to make some no sew scarves for various areas in my kitchen. The material is still in my little project tub. 

Maybe now that my craft room is organized (again) I will be able to finish some of these projects. 

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