Fall Styles

This year, I am breaking out of my comfort zone of "mom" jeans. I have a couple of pairs of "normal" jeans but they are getting a little loose around the waist and they were just a tad long so I have to wear them with a slight heel on my shoes. So I am on the lookout for some cute, comfy jeans that will look good with flats or loafers. I found a pair of loafers I love. If this makes me not so stylish, I'm not really bothered by it since I'm 56 years old. I've been scouting around the web for ideas. I found some 505 Levi's that have possibilities. These are cute and the waist line doesn't look too bad.

I also like the 525 Levi's. They look good and comfy especially with flats. 

I saw several other kinds but nothing hit my fancy. Several people have told me that Lee jeans is probably what I'm look for. I saw these on line and they seem to be perfect. My criteria is regular jean look, no faded sections, comfy fit, a normal waist not anything low rise and just a straight leg that would look good with flats. Yes, I think the Lee jean straight leg, relaxed fit will be my jean style of the year. 

Now onto shoes. I love the old fashioned loafer style flats. I don't care if they are in style or not, but they are in the stores so I am going to check out a few different styles. My dream shoe would be a new pair of loafers. I have seen several pairs I like. These are cute and I kind of like the buckle. I've never had any loafers with a buckle.

I also like these. You don't get to be my age without owning a least one pair of penny loafers over your life time. I had some like these when I was a young girl. 

Then I saw these and I really, really fell in love with them. The darker shade on the top versus the rest of the shoe just made me fall in love. But the type of style at the toes just doesn't look that wide and I'm worried they may be too tight through that area. 

But then I saw these. I went crazy over them. These are the shoe. This is what I want. They are Thom Mcan shoes and I'm wondering if Kmart will have them since they carry Thom Mcan. All I know is that this is the shoe style I want this year. 

Of course I will wear a lot of sweaters. I want a variety of colors and styles but I really am drawn to the longer ones with patterns.

I am also going to make a trip to our local Bass Pro Shop. I have a sweater from their and it is one of my favorite articles of fall clothing. I want to go see if they carry any Bob Timberlake Waffle Henleys. I'm in love with this style.

They have them on their website, I just don't know if they have them in our local store. But I love this one. (even though the pictures are a little blurry).

Well, while I am out today I may just have to take the grandkids and go to Bass Pro. Since my oldest grandson loves to hunt and fish, I'm pretty sure I can talk him into it. 

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