I went to a Garden Party....

My post title sounds like a Ricky Nelson song, but it is actually what I did last night. Our church is doing bible studies in different homes with different teachers. The one I elected to attend is "party" themed. This week we had a garden party. The bible study was on the Garden of Eden through Gethsemane. We had an awesome meal with lots of fruit and veggie based foods. We even had little apples at our place for us to write our names on the tag. 

After the bible study, we did a craft an made flower ink pens. It was super simple and fun. I think I may have my pre-K Sunday School class make these with poinsettias for Christmas. 

Then we placed a couple of games that were fruit and veggie themed. I won one of the games and got this cute little parsley grow kit. Hubby was very excited about it since he uses a lot of parsley in his cooking. 

We decided that we would put a little hook at the kitchen window and plant it in a little hanging pot. 

As we were leaving, we each received our very own African violet in a cute little pot. I chose one in the watering can style pot. I just love it. Now I need to read up on how to care for African violets. Any tips?

 Next week, our theme is a country party. The remaining ones will be a tea party, an antique party, and a pot luck/recipe exchange party. This is going to be a great bible study. I can't wait to see what other bible versus they tie in for the bible study on each of those themes. 

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Beth said...

A garden party sounds like fun.

I always loved that song by Ricky Nelson!