I'm glad it's Friday.

Last night, I went to Ebay...like I do a lot...and I always type in Pyrex bowls and just see what is out there. I never bid on any I'm just curious whats available. As I was scrolling down the list and saw a unique one I had never seen before and the price wasn't bad. I don't even know what I was thinking but I clicked Bid Now and entered a price .50 higher than the type price. Now if you ever use Ebay, you know that if there are 5 people bidding (which there were not counting me) somebody has their highest bid set higher and you almost always get immediately outbid. Well, I entered and it said I was ahead and there were 2 min and 48 seconds left. I had not even noticed that. I watched. I waited. The second ticked by. It got to be down to 1 min 13 and I thought "Seriously, nobody is outbidding me? It's PYREX. This never happens to me." It got down to 10-9- and then next thing I know it is over and I am the proud owner of a piece of Pyrex I never even heard of. Apparently no one knows the real name according to PyrexLove.com. It is just know as Salad Bowl, though some call it Fruit Salad bowl because of the fruit pattern and some call it Fetus bowl because the pears are shaped like little babies. No matter what you call it, it is now mine all mine. 

I posted about it in my Facebook Pyrex Passion group and have had 3 people want to buy it from me. I guess it will just depend when I get it how much I like it. Some say it is rare others say they see it all the time. But I have been shopping antique stores and thrift stores for 2 years now and never, ever seen it or heard about it. We'll see what I do with it when I get it. 

My grandson plays football this year. He is a freshman so he doesn't get to play at the varsity games. But they had a varsity game on TV last night and I watched it. It was really exciting seeing his team playing on TV. It was even more exciting that they won. They have a great team this year. I think they are 6 and 1, but not sure on that number. Anyway his mom took a picture of him on the sidelines so I at least got to see him at the game. Not sure where my cute little grandbaby boy went, but he is turning into a handsome young man. That's him with the yellow arrow pointing down.

Tomorrow is the Robert Tino Fall Festival. My hubby has to work almost a double because they supply the barbecue sandwiches and drinks for a food booth at the festival. It usually has a big turn out. Not sure if I will fight the crowd for it or not. I went three years ago, but haven't been able to make it back so I don't know about this year.

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