Planning Ahead

Next Saturday, I am hosting an Origami Owl party for a friend of mine. I have never even been to one of these types of parties so I'm not sure what to expect. I did look at that catalog and I would love to get one of the lockets for a grandmother. This one is similar to what I would want. It is funny that the sample I found of what I like actually has three boys and two girls in it since that is what my grandbabies are. But the birthstone colors would be different in mine. I just love this.

I had it all planned out. I was going to have the theme a tea party since I have all kinds of tea pots and tea cups. 

Of course, I don't drink tea which is crazy since I have so many tea items. One pot may have to serve lemonade. But I kept getting stuck on a menu. What to do, what to do??

Then I got up this morning and when I checked Facebook to see what everybody was up to, I saw this in my Pyrex Passion Facebook group.

I just bought this exact bowl last week. This reminded me that we are still in the midst of fall and my house is decorated for fall and Halloween. So now I am thinking I may need to do a Harvest theme. I've been checking out my Pyrex this morning and I have some great fall pieces that I could use for serving. 

Plus I have a lot of wicker baskets, which reminds me of fall. Not to mention my new fall tablecloth and centerpiece along with a new milk glass serving tray and my ghost cookie jar That I could incorporate for the theme.

My coffee table in the living room is already fixed for fall and I could place some mints and nuts in the little candy dishes on it. 

I guess I will be visiting Pinterest for some fall food ideas. I want something simple and easy that doesn't have to be fixed at the last minute. Maybe something in a crock pot or some finger foods. I will have to decide soon.

Harvest bark

Any thoughts on food ideas would be appreciated!

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