Waiting for the weekend

I don't know why, but October is always such a busy month for me. And it won't be getting any better. I am going with a friend to McKay's bookstore to exchange some more books this weekend. I read so many on my vacation that I need to go stock back up. We can easily spend a couple of hours in there finding what we want.

We will probably go to Waffle House for breakfast. That is are normal routine when we go out for the day. I absolutely love their hash browns.

I also want to go to the huge Joann Fabrics in Knoxville. I am looking for some blue and gold plaid material so my friend can make a dress for my granddaughter Alexis.

Speaking of my friend, you need to check out her new Facebook page Stevie Marie's and click on Like. She's trying to build her new business.

You can also visit her webpage to learn more about her custom applique business. She's awesome. She is doing some adorable Christmas stockings right now that I am just in love with. She has elegant ones.

She also makes some that are very simple and vintage looking. This is one of my favorites.

But I also love the whimsical looking ones as well.

And with all the new rage for Chevron items, this is probably going to be one of her best sellers.

She has a lot of children's Christmas material and can personalize anything with a name or phrase.

She is so talented and is even making Halloween bags for Trick-Or-Treat.

This is one of my favorite ones.

So if you get a chance, go check out her line of clothing and all the goodies she makes by visiting her Facebook page Stevie Marie's. Be sure and click like if you enjoy what you see. She can monogram any of her products and her shirts come from 0-3 months through adult sizes.

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Liz said...

What a bookstore!! You have a very talented friend. I hope her business does well.