Weekend wrap up

It's been a busy weekend here at Mawaw's Place. Saturday I was able to get to see all five of the grandkids at different times throughout the day. Colby had his birthday party on Sunday so I got to be with all the grandkids and that always makes for a good weekend. 

I stopped by Walmart to do some birthday shopping. I did manage to grab myself a cute little pair of Halloween slippers to wear around the house. 

I was able to squeeze in a little antique store shopping at a new antique mall that opened this past Friday. They are still stocking the booths and not everyone has moved in yet, but I did pick up this cute tin for just a couple of dollars. I don't know that it is vintage, but I really loved it. My craft room is in pink, blues and yellows. I'm going to put this on my sewing table and use it to hold threads. 

I also stopped at a house that looked like they were having a pretty good yard sale. There wasn't anything vintage, but I did find another tin for my collection. Anytime anything has Hershey's on it you can pretty well bet I'm going to buy it. And when it is only .50 cents I am definitely going to buy it.

I have been looking for a pedestal mirror for my bathroom counter. When I found this for just a dollar, I knew I had to have it. 

I also went to a local store called Home Accents. It is a combination of booths that is rented and each booth is rented out. You never know what you might find. Their is a Kitchen Outlet Store. I have been looking for a new skillet. They had it for $9.97 on sale for just $5.97. It is Proctor Silex Ceramic Non-Stick. I wanted it for when I want to fix grilled cheese, fried bologna or fried egg. We will see if it is really non-stick. 

Some of the booths in this store carries some antiques. Not everything they have is an antique, but they do have some neat items. I am trying to collect holiday salt and pepper shakers. I already have a set of pilgrim squirrel salt and pepper shakers for Thanksgiving. This weekend I found this Gingerbread man and house for just $2. Aren't they cute?

I also like a variety of little toothpick holders. I have a Santa head. Now I found a snowman head for just .75 cents. 

But the highlight of the antique shopping was the hobnail planter I have been looking everywhere for. I haven't been able to find it. I walked into one booth and there it sat. With a price tag of $10. Whew! I don't even pay that much for my Pyrex bowls. But since I wasn't finding any Pyrex and I really, really want this flower pot, I decided to put it in the buggy and think about it. I really wanted the one that says Fire King on the bottom, but I decided I would just have to settle for this one that was unmarked. 

I had just about decided to get it and almost left, but there were still a few more booths to look at. So I kept going. I walked into another booth and this is what caught my eye. 

Yes, that is just $3.95 for the exact same vase I was thinking about spending $10 for. I turned this one over and lo and behold stamped right on the bottom .... FIREKING! So did I buy the one for $3.95. Oh yeah! And now I am happy, happy, happy. 

Hope everybody has an awesome week.

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