A surprise on my desk....

I came in this Monday with this surprise on my desk. It was an awesome Christmas basket filled with goodies from my dearest friend who also happens to be my bosses wife.

It had some awesome goodies in it. There was a set of coffee - cake mugs. It has a recipe on the back where you can actual bake miniature cakes in the microwave right inside the mugs. I'm going to try one this weekend. It had some  delicious Lindt's Lindor Truffles and and this adorable Christmas ornament with my last name initial on it.

There was a plush robe that is super soft and very warm. I've used it quiet a lot this past week.

She had also included a hot chocolate maker. I love hot chocolate and plan on getting a lot of use out of this.

Everything was neatly placed in this gorgeous basket that I am going to use in my craft room to hold some of my craft supplies.

In the very bottom of the basket was something that made me squeal. My #1 item on my Pyrex wish list. I love it. It is the Shenandoah pattern that I have been wanting for months but could not find. 

This was one awesome gift baskets and I am very thankful for all that she and her husband do for me. Thanks, Stevie & Eric. I loved the gift.


Rachel said...

Those are great gifts! Mom would love that hot chocolate maker. I love that Pyrex pattern.

Stephanie G. said...

That is awesome Brenda! I love all your new things! Can you make me some hot chocolate??? :)

ThrifterSisters said...

Every time I see that Pyrex pattern, it makes me think of you! What an awesome gift and wonderful friends. I often say that friends that gift Pyrex are the best kind of friends to have!