My Christmas wish list....

Hubby is after me to give him a list of items to choose from for my Christmas this year. He is a rare man who doesn't mind shopping and he does good at picking things out. One thing I know I want is a new sweater. I saw this one at Sears and really liked it. It was super soft.

This is on my wish list, but it is a little expensive. They may come out with the paperback soon so maybe I can eventually get that copy.

I love these type of slip on house shoes. I am hoping he will be getting some of these. The pattern won't matter. 

I need a new cover for my cell phone. I love this pink and brown. I don't even know where to tell him to look so I'm sure it will be a surprise if he can find one. 

I want a new plush robe. I love this one I saw at Kohl's.

I would also like to have a pair of ankle boots to wear with my jeans. 

Trend Report Women's Lindsay Fashion Boot - Brown at Sears.com

I also need a new pair of jeans. My "good" jeans are getting too big. I love being able to say an article of clothing is TOO BIG. I have lost about 10 pounds since last winter without even realizing it. So I need some new jeans. 

This is my dream sweater. I saw it at Sears a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Not sure if they would even still have it now. 

Of course, I always have PJ's on my list every year. But this year, my sleepwear of choice is a nice flannel night gown. One with just a rounded neck. I really love them in plaid. 

That should give him plenty of ideas. 


ThrifterSisters said...

That Pyrex Passion book is awesome! I bought it when it first came out and it was quite a splurge but I just couldn't help myself. Unfortunately, it only comes in paperback to the price you are seeing is for the paperback version :-(

You have a great list. I'll bet hubby will come back with some great stuff for you!


Rachel said...

They have some really pretty phone covers on amazon. They even have Phone covers with Bible verses. I got me one with the word Faith on it and a verse about faith on it. I love it.

Stephanie G. said...

I am on love with those boots and phone case! Very cute!!