Time to think about baking...

Christmas will be here before we know it. It is time for me to start thinking about my baking and what I want to make. I got my newest cookbooks down to get some ideas and gathered my list supplies and my reading glasses. 

It goes without saying that I will bake my mother-in-law's recipe for orange cream cookies. This are a must every year. 

I thought since Edgar has been such a good elf this year (so far) I would go find him and see if he wants to look at recipes with me. I was a little upset with him when I found him riding my pine cone deer.

We made these at bible study one night as our craft and I kept mine in a safe place. Edgar better stay away...or else.

We settled down to look at recipes and I started with one I got last year from my son and his family.

I really like the looks of the banana bread recipe and this makes a great gift. 

While I got up to go get my morning Pepsi, Edgar borrowed my glasses and found the peanut butter fudge recipe he wants me to try. 

I went over to check out my Pyrex mixing bowls to see what ones I might be using this year. 

And I came back to find Edgar making my baking list. You will notice it is all cookies.

I am going to have to keep them sealed tight when I make them. Remember what I found him doing after a day of baking last year? He was bouncing off the walls for a week after this fiasco.

I guess I'll be on my own this year. He may just cause a little too much trouble with the cookies.

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Stephanie G. said...

Edgar is all about cookies, they are his favorite! He did look very cute riding the pine cone deer though! :)