Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday morning, I got up early and made a lemon pound cake. I bake all the time, but never have used a tube pan. This was a first and I was so proud of how good it turned out....not to mention it was delicious. I wish I could share a piece with you right now. 

In the mail that day, I got a birthday card from my mom and this adorable doily that she crocheted and made yo yo's for. I just love it. 

She also enclosed this little red one which I put under a tree she got me a few years ago. 

We had a family gathering to celebrate December birthdays (my twins and myself). I got this awesome robe from my son and his family. I've been getting a lot of use from it on these cold mornings. Plus it is one of my favorite patterns...black and white polka dots. 

My daughter and her family bought me this cute wax burner with some great Christmas fragrance. I love how this looks like a cable knit sweater. 

On Saturday, we had our Thirty-One Spring Premier on Saturday. They have added some fantastic items and the amenity we got for attending was awesome. 

After the premier, I did a little shopping at Turkey Creek and then headed home because it was so rainy and dreary. I fixed me some Oreo's and milk and read my book for awhile. 

Then I finished up some lingering craft projects. I completed these tote bags and fell in love with them. I may have to make some for my own. The stocking was one of my favorites.

The candy cane was really easy. 

I love the sparkle on this tree. 

This ornament turned out pretty cute. 

This blue material was one of my favorites. 

But I think the JOY was my absolute favorite. 

Then I made this stocking on an 11 x 17 canvas for a birthday present for one of my friends. 

  She is also a teacher in the Pre-K Sunday School class with me. The class had us a birthday party yesterday since we are both December birthdays. I got this beautiful picture. It has a button you push that lights it up. I am in love with it. Hubby hung it for me when he got home. 

We had our children's Christmas program at church. They did an awesome job. They all worked very hard and did a great job. We were very proud of them. The little angel in the middle with her head tilted is my granddaughter Shelby. 

Then Sunday night, we had a 2 hour play/music practice for our Christmas drama. It is going to be a really good program. 

All in all, I have had an awesome but tiring weekend. 

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Stephanie G. said...

I am loving that Thirty one bag, very pretty colors!!!